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This is the video blog of the Warrior Mystic, exploring what it means to be a shaman in contemporary times.

The indigenous spirituality of Europe was largely lost with the coming of Christianity; however, in the various sagas of western Europe there are tantalizing hints that allow us to reconstruct the path of the Warrior Mystic.

The Warrior Mystic video series explores how we can reclaim the traditions of western European shamanism for today.

Viking Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Support the Warrior Mystic by shopping our selection of hand-made musical instruments.

These instruments were inspired by archaeological finds in the Scandinavian region dating back to the time of the Vikings.

Galdrafadir Harbard Grimnir


“Galdrafadir” is Old Norse for “Father of the Sacred Songs.” The band Galdrafadir composes contemporary songs drawing on Norse musical instruments and themes from Norse mythology.